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Dear Chancellor, 

Will you support a debt jubilee? During the current health crisis, you’ve helped safeguard people’s futures here in the UK. Thank you.

We now need you to step up and do the same with other Finance Ministers and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to avert a social and economic catastrophe in the world’s poorest countries.

Please help to broker a debt relief deal for the poorest countries, particularly those that were already debt distressed, so that they can use their funds to deal with the emerging health crisis.

Specifically, will you lead calls for a cancellation of all debt repayments due this year in the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries?

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The poorest countries can't afford to fight coronavirus. Cancelling their debt could save millions of lives.

The world’s poorest countries are highly vulnerable to the devastating global coronavirus pandemic. Not just because their healthcare systems are more fragile, but because many families are one day’s work away from starvation.

Yet, these countries are crippled by debt repayments to wealthy countries, private creditors and organisations. They cannot prepare to fight the virus. This is a moral wrong. Will you call on the world's governments to cancel the debt immediately?

Sierra Leone spends more money on debt than it does on its health budget.  A report published in April 2020, revealed that Sierra Leone had just 13 ventilators nationwide for a population of more than 7.5m. In effect, this means that the country faces the threat of coronavirus with one hand tied behind its back. 

The Bible clearly states that the rich should not profit from lending to the poor. Let us put this teaching into action, end this moral wrong and save millions of lives.

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